Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tomah High School Class of 1980

Who would have ever thought the years would have gone by so quickly. It certainly doesn't seem possible that I graduated from high school 30 years ago. At 17 years old, I know that a 30 year reunion would have sounded like a really long time into the future. I certainly am starting to feel the aches and pains of old age though.

It was fun to see everyone at the reunion. It is funny how some people look exactly the same as they did in high school--or only slightly different anyway--and some people looks so completely different that you don't recognize them.

It was fun that the organizers invited our teachers too. It was especially fun seeing Nona Smith and Sharon Powell having grown up with them being in the same church as well as being my teacher.

Sherrill came as my date. Bill didn't want to go and I can't say as I blame him since he doesn't know anyone. But since Sherrill graduated in 1981, she knew pretty much everyone too. She has never been to one of her own reunions so she has been to mine before her own. She was going to figure out how much she was going to want to go to hers next year based on mine. Who knows--maybe I'll be her date next year.

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