Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins at the Pool

Just got back from vacation in Wisconsin so thought I would start sharing some of my vacation pictures. We had a Falkner reunion and I had my 30 year high school reunion so Sherrill and the boys came to Tomah to spend time with us as well. I hadn't seen Sherrill and the boys for three years so I was thrilled that they could come too. The first day we were there, we thought we would let the cousins play together. In the afternoon, we thought it would be nice to cool off at the pool. Unfortunately, the kids weren't able to spend very much time in the pool because of the discovery of "biological contamination" while we were there. They got to spend about 20 minutes in the pool before the discovery. We waited out the 30 minute delay for the extra chlorine treatment to work. They no more got into the pool and 10 minutes later they had to evacuate the pool again for more discoveries. We weren't about to wait another 30 minutes so we decided to call it a day. That made for a lot of "Caddy Shack" jokes among the adults when we told the story at dinner that night. The kids were disappointed that they couldn't swim more but they had a great time spending time together over the weekend.

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  1. The Tomah pool certainly looks different than when we used to go...a few years back. I remember your mom always having to sew a patch on my swimsuit so I could go with you. :)