Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Flowers and Pumpkin Carving

Just out looking for something interesting to take photos of. Went to Fort Vancouver and saw that the flowers in the gardens were still in bloom.

Sunday afternoon and evening we were invited to Jim and Cindy's home for a pumpkin carving party with their family. We got to eat a delicious chili dinner as well. Great to see friends and enjoyed seeing them work on their creations. I kept my hands clean and just took pictures.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Cold Dip in the Ocean

Chris went on a youth group retreat last weekend. The highlight of his weekend was swimming in the ocean. That would not have been my choice--in the summer the water is way too cold much less in the fall. I got a kick out of the getup the pastor and another youth leader got into to lead the charge into the ocean.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Sherrill had her retirement ceremony at a hotel on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Setpember 22, 2011. Her official retirement date was the end of September. She went on active duty in 1985 after graduating from UW-Eau Claire. She was on active duty for several years before transitioning to the reserves. She attained the rank of a full bird colonel in 2007. She received her second oak leaf cluster Meritorious Service Medal and a flag that was flown in honor of her retirement in a C-17A Globemaster from the 89th Airlift Squadron of the 445th Reserve Wing at Wright-Patterson. Dad and Shirley went to be with her for her ceremony as well as Jeff's parents.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meeting Miss America

Bill and I went to the Vancouver Symphony yesterday to hear Katie Harman-the 2002 Miss America-perform. She did three arias in Italian, German and Czech as well as some Gershwin and Kern tunes. She did a beautiful job. The second half of the concert was Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 Op. 47.

Last night, we were invited to the home of some friends for a sitdown dinner for 30 to meet Katie. She is just as beautiful inside as she is outside. She was so cordial and gracious to everyone at the party. Dinner was fabulous. It was an Italian theme with a shrimp appetizer, chicken cattiatore, polenta and green beans for the main course, a green salad, and tiramisu for dessert. I got to meet some new people and had wonderful conversations over dinner. And we got to enjoy another mini-concert by some of the symphony members after dinner. It was a very nice afternoon and evening to enjoy music, fine dining and warm conversation.