Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Veterans Day Celebrations

Bill and I didn't participate in the Vancouver Veterans Day ceremonies or parade this year since he was working in the morning and we headed up to Puyallup to celebrate Tim and Samantha's wedding.  But we did celebrate in our own way the next weekend.

I was pleased to see pictures of my family and what they were doing for Veterans Day as well.  Tom spoke to all the 5th graders at Maddy's school.  So fun to see him sharing his experiences as a navigator in the Air Force with a new generation.  Sherrill and Jeff went to the Wright State University Veterans Ball and it was fun to see pictures of them in their dress mess.

I got an unexpected surprise of Suzi and Terry traveling down to Portland on a whim.  So I went down to join them for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Fun seeing them two weekends in a row!  That evening we had our annual Veterans Day celebration with Jeff and Julie at Willamette View Assisted Living community.  There were ten of us that enjoyed dinner and the evening together.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

He's Home

 Tom has been deployed for the fourth time in less than three years.  He left this time in August.  Thankfully technology gives us a way to keep in touch.  And he can actually call us which is wonderful.  He said that he was able to get off base more this time with the way his schedule worked.  Doha has some great shopping and he enjoyed some restaurants in the city.  He also got to rid a camel this time.
He got home a couple days ago.  Just in time for Veterans Day.  Wish that I could be there to see him and welcome him home but Maddy has that well in hand I am sure.  Glad he is back on U.S. soil at least for a little while.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Wedding Day

I have known my friends, Suzi and Terry, since I first got to Ft. Lewis back in 1984.  We all worked together on Ward 13 back then.  A long time ago.  Long before any of us planned on getting married.  I have always been treated like family by Suzi's family.  I met her parents, sister and brother way back then too.  We have always been included in birthday, graduation, and holiday celebrations.  So happy that they could come to Tom and Maddy's wedding last year and that we could participating in the marriage of their son, Timothy.  Suzi and I were to be a part of each other's weddings but the Army stood in the way of that.  Happy that we can go to the weddings of our children any way.

Timothy and Samantha wanted to get married at Rattlesnake Ridge with Mt. Si in the background.  Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was pouring down rain.  They did have a tent in the middle of the field that they got married in but it was still pretty darn wet.  Bill and I weren't able to make it to the actual ceremony but we went to the reception at Meeker Mansion in Puyallup.

Charleeann flew up from Arizona and David, Noreen and Sarah came down from Alaska to attend the nuptials.  Sally and her family live nearby as well as Suzi's mom, Ann so they were there as well.

The reception was very nice and the venue was as well.  So happy to be a part of this life event.  Congratulations and best wishes to Timothy and Samantha!  Wishing you many years of happiness!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Real Men Wear Pink

Bill participated in the Girlfriends' Half Marathon yesterday with Jim West as his walking partner.  They along with 48 other guys were part of the Pink Brigade Guys that raised money for the Pink Lemonade Project here in Vancouver.  The guys raised around $35,000.  Bill made it with a few blisters and a little sore but he made it the whole way.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Bridges of Lane County

I have wanted to go to Cottage Grove for several years now since meeting my co-worker, Jill.  And had heard of the covered bridges and wanted to see them.  I was in Eugene for two weeks for work and had one day off.  Bill came down to see me to spend my day off with me.  We went to the theater in the morning and early afternoon to see "Tristan and Isadore" on Met Live in HD.  After the opera, we headed down to Cottage Grove to see the bridges so I could take photos of them.  Only one of them is still in use as the main bridge on the road.  The others are preserved in place with the replacement bridges next to them.  Very cool to see them though.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Oregon Coast Adventure

I found out a month or so ago that I would be working in Florence for a few days.  I was kind of excited about that.  Bill and I had been in Florence for a CAA Flyout years ago but didn't really venture out of the casino much because he had work to do while we were there.  This time I decided I was going to do some sightseeing.  I knew I was going to make several trips between Eugene and Florence on Hwy 126 so I decided to take a different route to the coast between Corvallis and Waldport.  I wanted to go down Hwy 101 to see that portion of the coast.  Had never been there before.  As usual, the Oregon coast is rugged and that is what makes it so beautiful.  I made several stops along the way to take photos.  First stop was near Cape Perptua.
I love lighthouses and wanted to see the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  It is a beautiful spot with a small beach and a fairly short, easy hike up to the lighthouse.

I have heard about the Sea Lion Caves for years and have always wanted to go.  I picked the wrong time of the year.  The sea lions don't need to seek the shelter of the caves during the summer.  This is their winter hangout.  But I still enjoyed seeing the cave itself and didn't have to suffer through the smell that the sea lions emit.  I did stop at a lookout between Heceta Head and Sea Lion Caves and saw a few groups of them hanging out in the surf.  Too far away to see well or take any photos though.

I spent my birthday in Florence.  Bill drove down to join me for a few days which was wonderful.

I got recommendations for a restaurant and it was hands down to be Waterfront Restaurant.  I decided to wait until I got there to make my reservation.  I was lucky to get one.  Even a week out, they were nearly booked for a Tuesday night.  But it was a wonderful place.  The first night I was there, I got there at 4:15 and I was lucky to get a spot at the bar.  I enjoyed seeing a sea otter or seal bobbing in the river outside the restaurant.  Both nights I got the crab encrusted halibut which was great.  And for my birthday treat, I got Tres Leches cake on a friend's recommendation which was also wonderful.

I enjoyed walking along the Siuslaw River through Old Town while I was there.  Old Town consists of a lot of turn of the century building with cute shops and restaurants.  I ate at a few other places during my two stays in Florence over a period of a week and a half but I have to say that Waterfront Depot was the best.  There was so many herons and egrets that would land on the shore or various spots along the river.  I enjoyed seeing them.  And there are painted seals all over town just like other cities have cows, pigs or other sculpture.

One of the things that we missed on our flyout to Florence was going on the big dune buggy tour of the Oregon Dunes.  While there is about 20 miles of sand dunes north of Florence, Florence is the start of the forty miles of beach that is part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.  What a fascinating place.  There are several groupings of trees that they call tree islands that exist because they are fed by fresh water springs.  There are trees that are almost completely buried by sand and you can only see the very top few feet.  We got to get out and play in the sand for a little while.

Overall it was a good trip even though I had to work a good portion of it.  Got to have some beach time anyway.  And loved being able to do that.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Chris

We hadn't seen Chris for about a month.  We went to visit him in Bellingham the beginning of August.  So we were really hoping he would come home Labor Day weekend to see us and he did.  He celebrated his birthday with friends in Bellingham on the actual day.  We had dinner with him Sunday night.  Had some Thai food and Snickers cake.  Yummy.

The weekend seemed to go by so quickly.  He hadn't seen his friends in a very long time so he tried to see as many of them as he could while he was home.  But it was good to have what time we did have with him.