Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting Our Style On

Colleen's birthday is this week so it was time to plan our birthday celebration for her.  She introduced me to The Difference eighteen years ago and loves to go there.  I haven't taken her since her birthday last year so she was really excited to go.  We had a great time trying on clothes and she got her makeup updated.  Afterward, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and cheesecake.  Good to see her and I am thinking about trying to spend more time with her.  She wants to make some scrapbooks so going to see what I can do to help her figure it out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Madigan Memories

I took advantage of having a free weekend to see if I could go to Puyallup to visit Suzi.  Suzi, Terry and I have been friends since we met on Madigan's Ward 13 in 1984.  I think Suzi last took me onto Ft. Lewis about 20 years ago to see our old stomping grounds so I have been itching to go again for awhile.  As luck would have it, it stopped raining in the afternoon and we decided to go.  We had such a good time driving around Main Post, North Fort, American Lake and Madigan areas.  Some things have stayed the same and other things have changed a lot.  It is always kind of surreal when you go somewhere after that much time has passed.  There is just enough to make things seem familiar but just enough different that makes you doubt where you are going and what used to be in certain places.

They built the new Madigan 25 years ago and have torn much of the old Madigan down but Ward 13 where we met is still standing as well as the OR that I worked in.  Years later, Suzi worked in what used to be the OR when she taught in the 91C School.  We miscounted the buildings when we took our pictures but all the building look the same so that was an easy mistake to make.

We stopped by Main Post Chapel where Bill and I had our church/family wedding so we made sure I got some pictures there as well.

I felt like a young girl again exploring with my best friend, taking selfies and remembering old times.  I can't just decide I want to go there without going through the hassle of getting through base security and having a good reason to be on post so I really appreciated Suzi taking me for my little tour and trip down memory lane.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Goings on in Kansas

I wish so much that would could figure out a good time to go see Tom and Maddy in Kansas.  I do love getting a glimpse into their live via Facebook though.  Here are some photos from the past couple of months.
 This photo of Maddy and Sadie in the car just cracked me up.  I had to scrap it.

 So much excitement hoping that the Packers could win and go to the Super Bowl.  Love when Tom and Maddy dress Ariel and Sadie up in their Packer duds.

 It was time to get Maddy a new car.

Maddy loves-and I mean really, really loves-penguins.  She has gotten into yoga recently and had an opportunity to go to a Yoga and Wine night at a wildlife park in Goddard.  She got to pet a baby penguin and was in heaven.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day was a little different this year. We normally go out for a nice dinner. Almost never on Valentine's Day because of the crowds and wait but usually within a few days of the holiday. Bill and I have started a new diet so the food part of the day was definitely out. But I did get a beautiful bouquet of roses. Feeling loved!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Snowmageddon 2017

This has been a crazy winter for us.  We have had so many snow and ice days this year already--and it is only half way through January--that the kids will be going to school half the summer at this rate.  Bill and I missed the first snowfall in December when we were in Hawaii.  We were seeing everyone posting their snow pictures on Facebook and were very glad to be in 75 degree weather.  But we certainly haven't missed out.  There have been a lot more days of snow and freezing rain to experience since then.  I have been working at home a lot lately.  Luckily I am able to do that with my job.

Tuesday is when the big snowstorm hit though.  It started sometime after 7 pm and very quickly covered the ground and roads.  By 9 o'clock, things were pretty well covered.  Knowing that some kind of storm was coming, I did go to the store on the way home from work to get a few provisions.  But no one predicted how much snow we were going to get.  They thought it would only be a few inches.  It is hard to tell how much we really got at our house.  I suspect it was around 6 inches.  I didn't measure it.  But some areas got a foot or more.

Folks from colder parts of the country don't realize how much the snow and ice cripple the Pacific Northwest--on the west side of the Cascades in particular.  Even an inch of snow shuts things down around here.  There are very few plows and they only plow or de-ice the main thoroughfares.  None of the side streets get any attention so you can be stuck in your neighborhood for days especially if you don't have chains for your car.  Trash collection has been canceled most of this week.  We didn't get our newspapers two days.  Three days of Columbians and one Oregonian came today.  No mail on Wednesday but we have gotten some the last two days.

Since Bill and I both could work from home, we just hunkered down for the duration.  We haven't ventured out much.  Didn't go out at all Wednesday.  I did take a walk yesterday to check out the neighborhood.  Came across this cute snow woman that one of my neighbors built in front of their entryway.  We got one of the cars out for the first time today to go get a fast food lunch and checkout the roads.  I am getting to the point that we are desperate enough for food that I will need to go to the store tomorrow.  We could drive but also see plenty of slip sliding around that we don't want to risk having an accident if we don't have to go out.  We aren't expecting the thaw until Monday-also a very long time for us to have this much snow for this long.  And rain at the same time so there are predictions for flooding as well.  Reminds me a lot of the winter of 1995-1996 and maybe a few others along the way that have been bad.

Hoping to survive the rest of the winter without too much snowfall and cold weather.  We shall see though.  For now, it is pretty to look at, I don't have to be anywhere and I am enjoying being at home.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


I am in the midst of scanning all my old pictures and digitally scrapbooking them.  I have finished all the high school graduations of me and my brothers and sister so thought I would share them.

My cousins, David and Mark, had graduations that same time so we had a joint party for the three of us at our house.
 Sherrill was the valedictorian for her class.  We were so proud of her.

I graduated from college the same year that Darren graduated from high school.  We both entered the military after our graduations.

We were all home for Dane's graduation to help him celebrate.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas for us almost always starts Thanksgiving weekend with the Festival of Trees.  I loved this ornament that represents to true meaning of the season to me and decided to scrapbook it.  

Since none of our family was going to be able to join us for Christmas, Bill and I asked Chris if he wanted us to come to Bellingham to spend Christmas with him.  He had to work the whole weekend so he wasn't going to be able to come home.  We also hadn't seen his apartment yet and had some things to take up to him.  So we booked a motel room and decided that Christmas was going to be in Bellingham this year.

We were really hoping that we could find something to do with Chris that would be uniquely Christmas.  I happened upon a website that gave events in Whatcom County and found out that "The Nutcracker" would be playing at the Mt. Baker Theater while we were there.  I immediately knew that this was what we were looking for.  We were all a bit on the weary side.  Chris from working all day and Bill and I from traveling all day.  But we enjoyed the ballet very much.

The Mt. Baker Theater was built in around 1927 and has been restored beautiful.  I had seen the outside on many occasions but this was the first opportunity to see the inside.  

Christopher's apartment is pretty sparse.  And I had to make a few trips to the store to get what we needed to cook with and eat on but we ended up having several lovely meals at his new apartment.  He made us a great salmon pasta dish for Christmas Eve dinner and eggs, bacon and cocktail sausages for Christmas morning breakfast.  Christmas dinner was pork chops with a blueberry sauce, baked potatoes and brussel sprouts.
We took up a few gifts for Chris and Tom and Maddy sent our presents there for us to open.  Some arrived in time and some didn't so we have a few more presents to open when Chris comes home for New Years.  The big "gift" of the weekend was going car shopping with him the day after Christmas.  Unfortunately, Grandma's 18 year old car was becoming less and less reliable so we helped him out with a down payment and helped him pick out a used Prius.  Happy that he has a more reliable mode of transportation now.

It started snowing while Bill and I were driving up to Bellingham.  Not enough to make the roads dangerous yet but enough to start sticking and be pretty.  It was really icy by Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the temperatures staying at or below freezing the whole time we were up there so we had a White Christmas.  On Christmas Day, it was so pretty out so I asked Bill to go to Lake Padden with me to take some pictures.  Unfortunately when we got there, I was disappointed that the fog level there prevented me from getting some really nice blue sky photos.  But the ones I got were still pretty cool.  Including really cool ice formations on the tree branches.  And it was fun seeing the ducks.
But this foggy look is pretty much what was available to take photos of.

Tom and Maddy weren't able to come home for Christmas.  The Air Force allowed Tom to have vacation time but had to be within 8 hours of driving distance from Wichita.  So no plane trips allowed.  Maddy was dying to go cross country skiing so they found a place in Colorado to go skiing.  They stayed in Keystone and would drive to Frisco to go skiing.  Sounds like that had a great vacation with some really great skiing and dining at the highest restaurant in North America--Alpenglow Stube.  It is at 11,444 feet and they had to take two gondola rides to get up to is.  They went on sleigh rides too.

We got a later start home from Bellingham than we had hoped for but did make it home around dinner time.  I was delighted to find this centerpiece arrangement sitting on our porch.  It had been there for over three days so happy that it was still there when we got home.  Since we were gone so much of the month on our trip to Hawaii and weren't going to be home for Christmas, I did zero decorating for the holidays.  This lovely arrangement has perked up my holiday spirit.

Other than being sick with the flu or really bad cold for two weeks, it was a really lovely holiday.  We got to spend it with Chris and talked to Tom and Maddy a lot over the weekend.  Family is really what it is all about.