Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day the Fair Stood Still

As soon as Bill and I got back from vacation, it was time to get Ranger and Chris to the fair. This year's theme was an alien theme so we did space decorations for our barn. The small animal barn ended up getting a special award for our decorations. I was in charge of the banner and I thought that the kids did a great job with that.

It was really warm this year so it was a challenge keeping the rabbits cool. Chris spent a lot of extra time in the barn making sure the rabbits had enough water and spraying them with water bottles to make sure they stayed cool enough. Chris went every day this year since he could drive himself out there for the first time. And he stayed longer go enjoy some of the activities as well as take care of the rabbits.

I spent all day Wednesday and Sunday there. I like going for fitting and showing. Chris did well and got a blue ribbon so he is eligible to go to the state fair next month. I have always had to work so I have never seen the judging contest but Chris got a red ribbon in that. On Sunday, I was in charge of the rabbit races. I didn't do parent fitting and showing this year--I don't study any of the rabbit information with Chris so I failed miserably at it last year. They had more than enough parents participate this year anyway.

As always, it was a fun time but a long week--especially with it being so hot. And Ranger certainly seems to be glad to be home in his own cage.

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