Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Shakespeare in the Park

When Bill heard that there was going to be a Shakespeare in the Parks at Maryhill Museum, he really wanted to go. So we trekked out to the Columbia Gorge last night to get some culture. Chris decided to go with us too. It was fun having him along. We stopped to check into our hotel at The Dalles first and then an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant before we headed out to the museum. On the way to the museum, we had a little extra time so we decided to do a little bit of wine tasting and decided to try Cascade Cliffs in Wishram. We had never been there before and enjoyed the wine pourer and some of the other patrons' conversation. It was a fun diversion before we headed to watch the play.

The play was held in the Sculpture Garden at the museum. We needed to be there an hour early to try to get fairly decent seats so I enjoyed walking around the grounds and taking a few pictures of the sculptures. I hadn't realized that they change out the exhibit every year. There are a few that have been there awhile but some were brand new.

And of course the view from the museum is spectacular.

"The Comedy of Errors" is the play that was presented. I think it is my favorite Shakespeare play of those that I have seen. It had a fun plot with two sets of twins that had never seen each other confusing everyone around them. As Bill put it--very slapstick humor--but I really liked it. Chris really enjoyed it too. The costuming was Victorian beach wear so that was kind of fun too. As with each of these plays that we have been to, being in the open air for a play presents some challenges. It was very windy in the gorge last night so it was hard to hear and got to be chilly. Of course the wind died down about the time the play ended. All in all it was a nice diversion to get away for a few hours.

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