Thursday, August 12, 2010

Devil's Lake State Park

As soon as he heard we were coming to visit, Dane was anxious to take Bill hiking at Devil's Lake. He has seen the pictures that I send from the Pacific Northwest and thinks that Devil's Lake is on par with the beauty of the Northwest. And it certainly is beautiful there. I had taken Dad there a few years ago to go on a short hike in Parfrey's Glen but had never been on the main hiking trails around the lake. And Bill had never been there.

So on Sunday morning, Darren, Tess, Dane, Dad, Bill and I headed down to Baraboo to go hiking. There are trails that go to the tops of both the east and west bluffs next to the lake and a trail that goes along the west shore. We got there at just the right time as a thunderstorm cleared out of the area. So it was still cool enough to enjoy hiking. I had a hard time making it up to the top of the west bluff so I decided to take the easy route back to the car along the lake. But Darren, Tess, Dane and Bill continued their hike over the east bluff too. The quartzite boulders that were everywhere around the lake and bluffs were absolutely beautiful lavender and green colored. We got some great pictures and then enjoyed a picnic lunch next to the lake.

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