Thursday, August 12, 2010

Falkner Family Reunion

Growing up, Uncle John Falkner hosted the annual Falkner reunion at his cottage in Hatfield every 4th of July weekend. There was always a lot of activity going on with all of Great Grandma Schultz's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren running around playing, swimming, waterskiing and just visiting. The last reunion took place in 1996 but it has been much longer since I attended one. It has been 26 years since I went to a Falkner reunion. I remember being so excited about graduating from college, getting ready to go into the army and telling everyone all about it. I was thrilled when I heard that Uncle John's grandchildren--Tammy, Kim and Craig--had decided to host a reunion this year.

Unfortunately, none of Uncle Howard and Aunt Dorothy's family could attend because of other commitments and Aunt Dorothy's failing health. And Grace Falkner Wolf and her family weren't able to come either. But all of Bob Falkner's children and grandchildren were there and almost all of the Snowberry family was there. Michael was the only cousin that wasn't there as well as a few of the teenagers and young adults.

I took advantage of getting our family's picture taken this trip. It has been three years since we were all together last. It seems as we all get older, these times that we have together are so precious and I cherish them.

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