Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration

I was a little worried about how my day started. I had such a bad headache all night and spent the morning feeling miserable and nauseated. Luckily by mid-morning things started to turn around and I started feeling better.

I got lots of cards from family and friends. I got a bottle of wine from my friend, Annette. My friend, Jill, bought me lunch. I had treats on my desk and then dinner out with my family and cake at home. I turned out to be a much better day than I anticipated.

I actually started out my birthday celebrations on Sunday by going out to lunch with my friend, Colleen, and going to see "Bridesmaids" with her. It was quite a movie. A lot more raunchy than I thought it would be but very funny.

So now--one more year til the big one. I'll have to enjoy my 40's while I can.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Ready to Join the Penguin Nation

We celebrated Chris's 19th birthday today. He made his cake--confetti--and requested Chinese for dinner so that is what we did. I gave him a photo album of his pictures from middle school and high school and a Penguin sweatshirt. I was pleased that he liked it so well. He also worked on a job application all day. They are offering a college internship position to work with the youth group at church. Hoping he can get that. I think it would be a good experience for him.

So in less than a month, he will be starting school at Clark College. Our friend, Bob Knight, who is the president of the college coined the phrase "Penguin Nation". So Chris will be joining Oswald and the rest of the Penguin Nation soon. He got signed up for classes in July. Yesterday we went to take care of paying tuition, getting an ID card, bus pass and books. So he should be pretty well set. He'll be taking English 101, Sociology 101, a career exploration class and fencing. So it should be a pretty good schedule to ease into college life.