Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moulton Falls Park

We took advantage of the beautiful day last Sunday to take a family hike out to Moulton Falls Park. With Grandma still in the hospital but getting out soon, it was nice that we could do it as a family before we start having to take turns being with her at all times. Bill and I went last November but the boys had never been there. Much of the hike is along the Lewis River with rapids and a few waterfalls to look at. I took my time and took pictures so I didn't do the whole trail. The boys went on ahead and did their thing together and Bill hiked by himself. So it wasn't a totally family togetherness kind of hike but it was enjoyable.

I did this layout with Polka Dot Pixels and Baers Garten Designs collaboration kit called Child's Play. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chili Cookoff

Our flying club had a chili cookoff last night so we went and took the boys with us. There were five different chilis to sample and we got to vote on the hottest and the favorite. The Amardillo Road Kill chili won the favorite contest. They had a lot of marketing put into their entry and it paid off. They had signs, decorations, costumes, a slideshow and a lot of different condiments to throw into their chili. The Dennis boys won the hottest chili with their All Men's Chili entry. We hadn't taken the boys to the club in a few years so everyone was happy to see them. They got a lot of "you're not 8 and 5 anymore". It was a fun night.

Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Pot

Today was one of those days that something not so great happened but you just have to laugh about it. I've been putting off trying to look for the equipment that we need to get before Beverly comes home. A friend from work mentioned that a place that collects donations around town sometimes has commodes to give away so I finally got around to calling them today and they said they had a couple that I could look at. Much to my amazement, they actually had one that had never been used before--still had the tag on it. Score! And right next to them were the walkers that people had donated. I found one like Beverly has been using in rehab but in better condition. Score again! I was so happy to get two of the pieces of equipment that we needed for free. I got out to the parking lot and struggled trying to get the commode in the trunk of Bev's car so I dropped the keys in the trunk, took the commode out and slammed the trunk. Only when I tried to open the car door to try to get it in the backseat did I realize that I had locked my keys in the trunk. Argh! I tried to call Tom and Bill. Neither of them answered their phones. I finally got a hold of Chris and found out that he and Tom were way out east of town eating lunch. So I sat on the commode in the middle of a parking lot for over a half an hour waiting for them to find the extra set of keys at Grandma's house and come rescue me. While I was waiting in the parking lot, I called my co-worker and she insisted that I take a picture. So here it is. Sitting on the pot in the middle of a parking lot. LOL.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Military Ball

This is actually an older picture but Tom just gave it to me this week. Tom and Maddy went to the Air Force ROTC Military Ball in April. They had a great time and one of the ROTC cadre took professional pictures for them. So this is theirs.

Made this using Polka Dot Pixels Celebration kit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christopher's Walk in Faith

Christopher has had a busy couple of weeks. Today was the last big event for awhile. Today was Senior Sunday at Columbian Presbyterian. As a graduating senior, he helped lead the service. He was also recognized for graduation and presented a gift and was confirmed into the church.

He and Tom started going to church with Grandma Beverly whenever they spent Saturday nights with her. Over the past few years, Chris decided that he preferred to go to Columbia Presbyterian instead of the Methodist church with me. I have admired his commitment to going to church with Grandma almost every Sunday and how much he enjoyed that time with her. This past year, he has decided to become more active. He started going to youth group, has decided to go on a mission trip with the youth to New Orleans to help rebuild some of the houses destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, and attended confirmation classes so that he could join the church.

I am so proud of him and hope that his walk in faith continues to grow throughout his life.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Final Concert

I love this picture of Chris from his last band concert. He looked terrific in his tuxedo with his boutonniere. And he looked so happy. Counting down those last few days of school.

(This layout was made with Polka Dot Pixels Bad News Papers and an Amalgamation frame.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Graduate

Christopher has had senioritis big time this year. He couldn't wait for graduation and never thought it would get here. But get here it did this week. He had a great year grade-wise and had some good experiences with church and friends. It has been a busy week or so getting ready for graduation. The final band concert was last Tuesday night. Band awards Wednesday night. Marching practice and band barbeque Thursday night. Senior barbeque Friday night. Baccalaureate practice and Starlight Parade on Saturday. Baccaleareate and graduation party on Sunday and graduation on Monday.

June came to visit so that she could participate in graduation. Bill flew up to Ellensburg on Sunday to pick up Tom so that he could come as well. He had to go back today to finish writing papers and take finals. Beverly is in inpatient rehab so wasn't able to go to baccalaureate with us as we had hoped but Chris went to see her at the hospital so that she could see him in his cap and gown.

So now, Christopher is no longer a Thunder but is getting ready to be a Penguin at Clark College in the fall and is looking forward to starting a new chapter in his life.

Polka Dot Pixels Country Kit

This week, Emily released this great cowboy themed kit. I had a couple of great pictures from the past to use with this kit. I love this picture of me and my siblings at Christmas and the cute vintage label goes great with it.

When my nephews lived in Cheyenne--they got all cowboyed up for me to take their picture. The bandana paper went perfectly with Rhys' shirt.