Saturday, May 23, 2015

Congratulations Graham On A Job Well Done

It is that time of year that is so busy for high school seniors (and their parents).  Award ceremonies, graduation, end of year celebrations of all types.  Graduation will be next weekend so anxious to see the graduation pictures.  I wish we lived closer.  I haven't seen Graham or Rhys in many years.  Having grown up geographically close to all my cousins, it is so strange to think that I don't really "know" any of my nieces and nephews.  Not like I wish I did anyway.  But it doesn't make me any less proud of them and their accomplishments.

Graham has had such a successful high school career and I wish him all the best for his new life at the Air Force Academy.  It is going to tough--he has a father and two uncles who can attest to what life at a military academy is like.  No picnic.  But it is such an accomplishment and honor to be part of those select few that get chosen to attend the academy and such a great network to be a part of after graduation.  He got several awards at yesterday's Senior Awards Ceremony for being a three sport athlete (cross country, track and swimming) as well as several academic awards.  He is the salutatorian of his graduating class at Northwestern High School in Springfield, OH.

In addition to his high school and academic accomplishments, he is an Eagle Scout and won both the District and Council Scout of the Year awards this year.

And he turned 18 this week.  So Happy Birthday Graham!  Congratulations on all your accomplishments and Best Wishes in your future endeavors.

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