Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting to see one of my BFFs

I have a few friends that I consider my BFFs.  They are those women that I can be away from for years and be able to pick up with immediately upon seeing them again.  My friend, Krystal, is one of them.  We worked together, crafted together and shared our family lives with each other.  When you spend time with her and her sister and mother at various times, you begin to feel like family.  She moved to Florida a few years ago to be with her husband.  I have missed her so much.  Her grandmother died recently and she came to Vancouver for the funeral.  She has so many friends here that she has to schedule appointments with us to spend time.  There are so many friends and family that she needs to make time for.  I felt lucky enough to be able to have dinner with her Friday night.  Such a treat to see her, help her celebrate her graduation from her master's program and catch up on life's goings on.  Now that her grandmother has died and her in-laws have moved to Wisconsin, there aren't a lot of reasons for her to come back.  So I am thinking--this might be the last time she comes here.  She keeps inviting me to Florida and even invited me to Colorado for her graduation but there is always a reason not to go.  Some day I hope I can get to Florida to see her, meet her in Salt Lake City when she is there or go to a convention together some time.  I don't want to think that I might never see her again.  Hoping that we will continue to keep in touch and be able to see each other again--sometime, somewhere.

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