Friday, May 22, 2015

Pompeii in Seattle

Bill had to go to Seattle to work on a video project so we both decided to go and make a weekend of it.  He wanted to see the Pompeii exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  And we needed to see Maddy's parents to work on wedding planning.  We drove up to Seattle last Saturday morning and got our videotaping done in about an hour and then headed to the Seattle Center.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't great so the pictures aren't as wonderful as I hoped but we had a good time.

I love my history with the Seattle Center.  My mom was pregnant with me when she went to visit my dad at Ft. Lewis and they went to the World's Fair (actually just before the fair opened I have since found out) and had pictures from the Space Needle and Monorail.  My dad always jokes with me that I was up on the Space Needle before I was born.  Bill and I had enough time to kill that we had hoped to go up the Space Needle but when we tried to get tickets, they conflicted with the time of our Pompeii tickets.

We spent a little bit of time in the courtyard at the Pacific Science Center which has these cool structures. They look better against blue sky.  Oh well.

We got to see the exhibit just as it is closing out its U.S. tour.  This is the last weekend that it can be seen.

It was a pretty cool exhibit but as usual, they sell so many tickets that it is a little hard to see everything as well as one would like to.  I just took a few pictures of the exhibit.  I was actually surprised they allowed it.  I am so used to museums prohibiting photography.

This was a cool table with a beautiful tiled top.

There were lots of sculptures like this as part of the exhibit.  Makes me wonder if anybody ever wore clothes in ancient Rome.

Given my surgical background, I was interested in seeing these surgical instruments.

After seeing the exhibit, we headed to the Speers for wedding planning and a dinner party that they were holding to meet a few of their friends.  It was a lovely evening.  Had breakfast at a Greek restaurant in the morning and then headed home.

All and all a good weekend.  Exhausting but good.

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