Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Memorial Day

It has been my custom the past few years to go to the Memorial Day service at Fort Vancouver.  I went again this year.  They had another soldiers' bivouac as well.  I especially enjoy the Civil War era reenactors.  
 The 1st Oregon were there.  There are a lot more women involved now than I have seen in the past.  Especially as cavalry"men".
 The horses were a big draw for those that came to see them.

 Weapons were demonstrated.
 There were WWII reenactors as well.  This was an aid station setup.

The Vancouver Fire Department raised this flag during the ceremony.  Luckily they were there.  One of the Patriot Guard Riders and his wife had a motorcycle accident right in front of me as I was walking to my car.  We had to go run to get them to take care of the wife who was hurt.

Veterans from present time to WWII were present to honor our war dead. 

Always a reminder that our freedom isn't free.  There are many young men and women that risk their lives for us every day.  Prayers for those who have lost their lives defending our freedom, for our families and those who are currently serving.  May that be safe in their duty.

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