Friday, April 4, 2014

The Blues Brothers in the Couv Fun-draising for the Children's Center

Bill and Jim West had a few pre-Glamorous Gams fundraising events.  The Rock is sponsoring a drink called "Elwood Blues" and is donating a dollar for every drink ordered until May 31st.  They introduced it on Mardi Gras so Bill and Jim spent the evening there.  The Rock even sponsored a silent auction that night to benefit the Children's Center on their behalf.  Sheri McMillan, last year's winner, came out to support them and had fun. 

They had a three week long karaoke contest at the Asylum Lounge.  The owner loves to do karaoke and does a spot on performance of "Sweet Transvestite from Transylvania" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show".  We had a lot of fun with it and the winner is going to sing for/with them during the May 31st performance in the big Glamorous Gams event.  On the night of the finals, Seth Aaron Henderson of "Project Runway" fame showed up to cheer on his friend, Brett Allred.  Fun to have a celebrity show up for the event.  I sang a few times--haven't really sung in public for over ten years and my voice isn't what it used to be but I had a good time.

So now to get people to donate between now and the end of May.  If you read this and are interested in supporting Bill and Jim on their mission from God to raise money for the Children's Center--a mental health service here in Clark County--you can go to this site to donate.  Thanks for your help.

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