Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Week in Vancouver

Bill and I have had a pretty busy week.  With Glamorous Gams competition coming up in about month, there are lots of events to be out there and be seen for.  There was a reception for the Le'g Arte at the North Bank Art Gallery Tuesday night.  The leg in the forefront of the picture was sold that night and Bill and Jim got credit for the sale.

Wednesday night, Bill and Jim were to be a part of the Hello Vancouver! Talk Show.

It was the second showing of Hello Vancouver! at the Kiggins Theater on Wednesday night.  Temple Lentz and Jim Mains run the live talk show.  That night, the guests were a local band, Lincoln's Beard, a pet psychic and a filmmaker who has been winning awards for her documentary film about the Carter Family.

Several of the competitors in the Glamorous Gams competition were part of the pre-show entertainment.  Bill felt fortunate to get the activity that he got--trying to get his competitors to smile.  And he won.

Jim didn't have it so lucky.  He was in a "talk with your mouth full of marshmallows" competition.  It was pretty disgusting actually. 

Thursday night I met Bill downtown for an after hours Rotary get-together at a wine bar and then we went out for dinner.

Saturday morning before we headed to Bellingham to see Christopher, we made a trip to the county jail.  I wonder what "Jake" is doing there?  More to come on that in a month or so.  Don't want to let out the surprise.

So it has been a pretty busy week.  Fun but I think we will both be relieved when we can settle down to a quieter social life for awhile.

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