Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bellingham Weekend

Bill and I drove up to Bellingham to see Christopher this weekend.  We had a really nice time.  We went to drive by the house he will be staying in next year.  It is a big house--8 bedrooms--although the landlord only wants 6 students living there.  Hopefully it will be a good experience.  I am always leery about landlords in college towns after nearing horror stories from friends.

The big event that we went up there for was to go to The INN's Mission Rewind presentation.  The students that went to Malibu Club, BC; Seattle; Atlanta; and Haiti were there to share their stories.  They had videos of their trips and interviews.  It was fun to see what Chris was doing on his trip in Seattle and to hear his interview on camera.  I am hoping that they eventually post the video to the internet so that I can share it.  I got to meet several of his friends through the INN.  Just has the high school and college youth groups here at Columbia Presbyterian have played an important role in his social development and faith walk, so too has the INN.  It was so great to see him interacting with the other students and having so much fun.  After the presentation, they had a barbeque and we got to talk to some of the leaders and learn more as well.

Since we had an early dinner--we went to McKay's Taphouse for a drink.  And then to the Arboretum.  We hadn't gone there yet so I wanted to see what we could see from the top of the hill and observation tower.  It is a beautiful wooded park with lovely trails and even a tunnel that was built so Model T's could drive through it back in the day.  Kind of interesting smelling marijuana there though as it is where many of the dope smokers go to do their thing. 

Breakfast this morning and then the long drive back home again.  So good to see Christopher and am looking forward to seeing him here at home next month for Labor Day weekend.

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