Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun Weekend

Weather-wise, it was a glorious weekend.  Beautiful sunshiny days.  Beverly's 82nd birthday is this week so we decided to take her to the Grant House for dinner Saturday night.  We have other plans on her actual birthday so celebrated a bit early.  Had a wonderful meal as always and I love the historical ambiance there.

Bill flew on both Saturday and Sunday.  He took a couple around Mt. St. Helens on Saturday as one of his charity flights.  On Sunday we took our good friend, Jeanne, to Independence for breakfast/lunch.  Bill drew her name for his TARTL (Take a Rotarian to Lunch) partner.  Bill often offers to fly his TARTL partners to lunch so he calls them FARTLs (Fly a Rotarian to Lunch).  She was a little nervous about the flight even though she requested to fly specifically before Bill even suggested it.  So her husband gave her an umbrella to bring along as her parachute.  Bill's comment was "I'm more Top Gun than Mary Poppins".  So we had fun with that.  We had a great flight down to Independence and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. 

So all in all--it was a wonderful weekend.

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