Sunday, April 3, 2011

Found Ourselves in Hot Water

Bill and I have enjoyed going to Bonneville Hot Springs for almost ten years now. At first, we went about once a year but it has been several years since we have gone. It ends up being a bit of a spendy weekend once you figure in a night of lodging, eating dinner and using the spa facilities. So it truly is a treat to ourselves when we go. A group of people from our flying club decided to go this weekend so we thought we would take advantage of spending time with them and going there for a spa weekend. We drove out to North Bonneville on Highway 14--a two lane highway along the Columbia River. It is a prettier drive through the gorge than going on I-84 on the Oregon side (although I love both for different reasons). We had two o'clock massage appointments. Then had dinner with 22 of our friends from CAA. It was Anita Davis' birthday so we celebrated with birthday cake as well. Then this morning, I wanted to spend a little time in the hot tub. I like the one outside in the courtyard. We had a great relaxing weekend.