Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day

I was in Bellingham for what was supposed to be two to three weeks of work.  Things have gone well enough that they closed down the command center after a week and a half.  So I got to come home early.  Have been spending so much time up there recently that I am glad to be home for awhile now.

One of the benefits of being in Bellingham so much was that I got to see a lot of Chris.  And I got to spend Mother's Day with him!  I was expecting that I was going to have to work on Mother's Day itself but unexpectedly got both Saturday and Sunday off.

I was pretty exhausted after working close to 70 hours that week so I slept in big time--until one in the afternoon.  Then I went to the marina to search out some lunch at the Web Locker.  Beautiful day to be at the marina and there is a great view of Mt. Baker from there.  I had gone hiking at Lake Padden on Thursday after work and saw a family of ducks but couldn't get a decent picture of them on my phone camera so decided to go out there to see if I could find them again.  I lucked out and spent a good long time taking lots of pictures of this mom and her nine ducklings. So fun to watch them.  Having had a late lunch, I didn't want to go out to dinner but wanted to see Chris so I got some sushi and chocolate cream pies for us to have a picnic dinner at the lake.  Lots of people were at the lake that afternoon and evening because the weather was so beautiful.  So we had an enjoyable dinner together.

Sunday I wandered downtown a bit while the maids cleaned my room before picking Chris up for our Mother's Day date.  We went to Scotty Brown's for lunch and then went to the theater to see the Captain America movie that is out right now.  Not exactly my choice of a Mother's Day movie but I did enjoy spending the afternoon with Chris which was the best present I could ask for.

All and all--a great Mother's Day and hope that everyone else had a good one too.

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