Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

I usually go to the Memorial Day festivities but I passed on it this year.  Christopher came home for the weekend.  He wasn't originally planning on it but at the last minute decided to come home.  He hasn't been home since New Years so it was nice to have him in town with us.  I have seen quite a bit of him up in Bellingham of course but mostly just to go out to dinner or lunch and not for any extended period of time.  We had a pretty laid back weekend.  He needed to get some rest and work on some papers.  I needed some decompression time after all the hours I have been putting in for work and get some rest as well.  But we did get out of the house on Saturday to go to 54-40 Brewing Company's Merle Haggard Brew Fest that they were having.  The guys enjoyed some beer and I tried a really tasty pineapple cider made by Jester and Judge.  Bill and I went to dinner with a friend in Portland Sunday night which was fun.  We went to the Firehouse Restaurant--which is in what was an old firehouse obviously.  Have to tell you that their meatballs and their crispy potatoes are out of this world.
My family in Ohio did their patriotic thing today though.  Rhys (and Jeff as the troop leader) were in the Springfield parade this morning.  And Sherrill was on the street to take the picture of him.

Our daughter-in-law is celebrating her birthday today so hoping to see and hear what her celebration was like later today.

Hope you all have had a good weekend to enjoy the extra day off and in contemplating what the price of our freedom is.

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