Monday, January 11, 2016

Wildcard Weekend

I didn't watch any games on Saturday.  AFC games don't really interest me that much until closer to the Super Bowl.  But I watched both of the NFC wildcard games.  I got new Packer stuff for Christmas this year.  Maddy made me a new fleece Packer blanket and her parents sent us two new handblown wine glasses in Packer green and gold.  So I got dressed up in my Packer fleece shirt and had my 2010 Super Bowl Champion t-shirt on underneath. Poured a little white wine and huddled up under my new blanket to watch the games.

I wanted the Seahawks to be the Vikings.  And they did.  It wasn't pretty and they really shouldn't have won.  Unbelievable the the Vikings kicker missed such an easy field goal attempt but anything can happen.  So the Hawks will be going to Carolina this weekend.  I was really getting discouraged with the Packer game to start.  They have had such a rough season and this game wasn't looking any better.  But they managed to turn it around and win pretty handily against Washington Redskins.  So next up in the Cardinals.  Hopefully they will play better than they did against them a few weeks ago.

There have been some comparisons about this year to the last time the Pack went to the Super Bowl.  Hopefully it will all come true again as it did 5 years ago.  GO PACK GO!

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