Thursday, January 28, 2016

Serving With Honor

Beyond proud of Tom.  He has been in the Air Force three and a half years now.  As with most young lieutenants, they take on a huge amount of responsibility at a very young age.  Not only does he go on flying missions but he has been running the squadron office and is getting ready to be an instructor and safety officer.  We got a letter from his commander this week which made us very proud.   The squadron is being awarded so I suspect everyone's families got a letter to talk about their contributions to be selected for this honor.  But there was so much personal references to the work Tom is doing that it made it a really special letter for us to get.  He has a couple of TDY assignments coming up that and he is keeping busy with starting graduate school too.  So he is a very busy young man these days. He flew with another officer on his last flight in the Air Force before retiring.  So they had a photo op with him.

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