Saturday, January 9, 2016

Treasure Today

Life doesn't always turn out the way we hope.  But every day that we wake up, really is a good day.  We are alive.  We go to work.  We have family to love us.  Most of us have something to be grateful for even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way when we are stressed.  We need to remember to be grateful for that and thank the Lord for his guidance and wisdom in helping us through each day.

This week was really cold.  Normally when we get snow, it disappears the next day but it held on for almost the whole week.  Because of our clear and cold weather.  I have been admiring the beautiful blue and pink skies we have had most mornings this week.  I kept thinking--I need a picture of this.  Friday I didn't need to rush to work so I decided to drive down by the fort on the way to work to try to catch it.  Friday probably wasn't the best day.  Mt. Hood was hiding in the clouds and I got there just as the sun was peaking over the mountains so I couldn't get that to die for photo of the sky that I had hoped for.  I am going to have to pay more attention a little earlier in the morning and maybe I will catch what I am really after soon.

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