Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Glamorous Gams 2

After six months of fundraising, putting together videos, practicing singing and dance routines, the big day finally arrived. Bill had to stay behind the scenes since he was in "jail".  And they played this video as their entrance for their performance.  They did a great job singing and dancing to "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" from the Blues Brothers movie.  Shannon Roberts was a life saver being the real talent since Bill and Jim don't really sing very well.  And the kids from Groove Nation did a great job with their dance routine to back them up.

There were 8 other teams competing and the mayor and a few others were added in for time fillers while waiting for the tallying and announcement of the winner of the Golden Gam.  All the teams did such a good job with their performances and their fundraising.  It was a really fun evening and over $197,000 was raised for the Children's Center.  Such a great response from the community to support the mental health care of the children of Clark County.

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