Sunday, June 15, 2014

And she said... "Yes!"

Tom proposed to Maddy Thursday night.  They called us right away because they were so excited.  Tom really surprised me as well.  I had always thought he would go the traditional diamond route.  I never imagined anything different than that.  But he had the ring custom designed in Ellensburg and chose an Ellensburg Blue Agate to be the centerstone.  He had been thinking about it for sometime--ever since he lived in Ellensburg.  I had heard of it I guess.  We had gone to the Kittitas historical museum once and they had a rock collection there.  But I guess it didn't make much of an impression as to how they are so popular in that area and that there are several gem and jewelry dealers that sell them.

The Ellensburg Blue Agate is actually a really rare stone that is only found in Kittitas County, Washington.  People go searching in fields there to see if they can find the rocks as they are so valuable. As I was researching it, Indians also made arrowheads from them.  It is the perfect ring for them as a couple as they met and went to school there.  So proud of him for picking something so unique and romantic to give his fiance.  And I am gaining a daughter.  Very exciting times ahead!

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