Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brother Visit

Chuck came to visit us last weekend.  It is always a fun time when he comes.  Bill always wants to figure out new places to take him.  It has been a long time since they had been to Carson Hot Springs for a soak and massage.  And Carson Hot Springs has recently reopened after being closed for awhile so that was the first stop.  I am not that into getting a massage and I get bored sitting in a bathtub for a half hour to hour so I opted out.  I went for a little hike up the hill and found some of the pump houses for the spa.  And I took a book to read for the rest of the time while I waited.

A trip to Stevenson almost always includes eating lunch at the Big River Grill.  Bill loves their portobello mushroom salad and everything else there is good too.

From there we drove to Hood River and visited the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum.  Bill and I had been there a few years ago but Chuck hadn't been there before.  And they had expanded the museum since we were there last.  It was fun to see all the old planes, cars, motorcycles, jeeps, etc.

Chuck enjoys visiting with Cindy on his visits so we invited Jim and Cindy over for some Thai food.  Unusual that we see her two weekends in a row.  But very enjoyable evening seeing them again.

On Sunday we went to church as a family and had some bagels.  Then we headed downtown to take Chuck to the new East Fork Winery location at the Slocum House.  Then to the new Gouger Winery location in Ridgefield.  It was Chuck's first visit to both of the new locations although he had been to both wineries at their old locations.  It was the first time that Bill and I took advantage of going up onto the roof patio at Gouger to enjoy the scenery from up there.  We got to watch the newly shorn alpacas and see Mt. St. Helens in the distance.  It wasn't too hot so it was a really pleasant afternoon enjoying a couple glasses of wine up there.  We weren't quite ready to head back home so we stopped at Bethany Winery and Northwest Best Fish Market as well.  We love the smoked halibut spread that they sell there so we always pick some up if we are in the area.  Bill picked up the crab and artichoke dip this time too.  Absolutely wonderful.

So as with any visit from Chuck--we ate a lot.  We drank our fair share of wine.  And we did a bit of touring.  But it was a really fun visit.

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