Saturday, June 28, 2014

Father's Day Celebration

Christopher arrived home from Bellingham in time to celebrate Father's Day with Bill.  It is fun having him back home.  Definitely not as quiet as it has been.  But he is working full time at his church for the summer as a custodian so that is keeping him occupied.
We had a very special celebration on Father's Day though.  Bill's friend from his West Point and early Army days, Sean Ryan, called and wanted to visit with us.  He is currently at JBLM teaching a four week class.  His wife, Lei who also graduated from West Point in 1984, flew up to Washington for the weekend and came down with him.  Sean and Bill fenced together at West Point which is how they met.  Colonel Frederick was the officer that was in charge of the fencing team and his daughter, Cindy, wanted to learn how to fence so Bill and Sean adopted her as their little sister and taught her how to fence.  We invited Jonathan, Jim and Cindy to join us for dinner so that they could have a mini-West Point Fencing reunion.  The last time we saw Sean and Lei was seven years ago and only briefly--about a half hour.  I think it has been about 20 years since we saw him before that so it was wonderful to reconnect with an old friend.

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