Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Pot

Today was one of those days that something not so great happened but you just have to laugh about it. I've been putting off trying to look for the equipment that we need to get before Beverly comes home. A friend from work mentioned that a place that collects donations around town sometimes has commodes to give away so I finally got around to calling them today and they said they had a couple that I could look at. Much to my amazement, they actually had one that had never been used before--still had the tag on it. Score! And right next to them were the walkers that people had donated. I found one like Beverly has been using in rehab but in better condition. Score again! I was so happy to get two of the pieces of equipment that we needed for free. I got out to the parking lot and struggled trying to get the commode in the trunk of Bev's car so I dropped the keys in the trunk, took the commode out and slammed the trunk. Only when I tried to open the car door to try to get it in the backseat did I realize that I had locked my keys in the trunk. Argh! I tried to call Tom and Bill. Neither of them answered their phones. I finally got a hold of Chris and found out that he and Tom were way out east of town eating lunch. So I sat on the commode in the middle of a parking lot for over a half an hour waiting for them to find the extra set of keys at Grandma's house and come rescue me. While I was waiting in the parking lot, I called my co-worker and she insisted that I take a picture. So here it is. Sitting on the pot in the middle of a parking lot. LOL.

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  1. You;ll have to scrap this photo! it's too funny.
    sorry about the keys, though, I did that once--and my dog was IN the car!! I had taken her to the park, and after our walk, I put her in the car to run to the bathroom--haha!! forgot the key to the door was a different key than the key to the ignition! (I was AT the park because I had locked myself out of the house--and ONLY had the one key to the car with me!!)
    funny huh?? And I didn't have a cell phone. Someone at the park let me use her phone to call my daughter in law--who called a tow truck guy to come and open my car. My dog did NOT like someone trying to break into my car!! Not a day I like to remember!!