Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christopher's Walk in Faith

Christopher has had a busy couple of weeks. Today was the last big event for awhile. Today was Senior Sunday at Columbian Presbyterian. As a graduating senior, he helped lead the service. He was also recognized for graduation and presented a gift and was confirmed into the church.

He and Tom started going to church with Grandma Beverly whenever they spent Saturday nights with her. Over the past few years, Chris decided that he preferred to go to Columbia Presbyterian instead of the Methodist church with me. I have admired his commitment to going to church with Grandma almost every Sunday and how much he enjoyed that time with her. This past year, he has decided to become more active. He started going to youth group, has decided to go on a mission trip with the youth to New Orleans to help rebuild some of the houses destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, and attended confirmation classes so that he could join the church.

I am so proud of him and hope that his walk in faith continues to grow throughout his life.

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  1. It's such a wonderful thing to see a young man with strong faith! I can tell how proud you are, and what a wonderful man he is becoming!