Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Graduate

Christopher has had senioritis big time this year. He couldn't wait for graduation and never thought it would get here. But get here it did this week. He had a great year grade-wise and had some good experiences with church and friends. It has been a busy week or so getting ready for graduation. The final band concert was last Tuesday night. Band awards Wednesday night. Marching practice and band barbeque Thursday night. Senior barbeque Friday night. Baccalaureate practice and Starlight Parade on Saturday. Baccaleareate and graduation party on Sunday and graduation on Monday.

June came to visit so that she could participate in graduation. Bill flew up to Ellensburg on Sunday to pick up Tom so that he could come as well. He had to go back today to finish writing papers and take finals. Beverly is in inpatient rehab so wasn't able to go to baccalaureate with us as we had hoped but Chris went to see her at the hospital so that she could see him in his cap and gown.

So now, Christopher is no longer a Thunder but is getting ready to be a Penguin at Clark College in the fall and is looking forward to starting a new chapter in his life.

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