Thursday, April 21, 2016

Locust Beach: An Evening Playing in the Mud

This was a bit of an unexpected adventure for me.  I was back in Bellingham for work and read that Chris had gone to Locust Beach on Friday night.  I had never heard of it so I googled it and found that it wasn't far from my hotel and I saw some amazing sunset pictures there so I decided to try and go Saturday after I had dinner with Chris.  I was disappointed because there was no parking left and lots of cars coming in and out just like I was trying to find a spot.  Some of the cars that were there had parking tickets so I finally gave up.  I did go to a park on top of the cliff and did indeed see that it was a place worth trying to visit.

Sunday morning before I left for work, I scoped it out.  It was high tide and the lighting wasn't great in the morning so I decided to go again after work.  I lucked out.  It wasn't nearly as busy Sunday night even though it was a beautiful evening.  

At low tide, the beach goes a long ways out into the bay.  But it also has about a half inch of water on it.  So it is pretty muddy.  I soon figured out that I was going to have to throw out my shoes after this little adventure.  But it was so worth it.

I stayed two hours waiting for the sun to set and had a great time just scoping out different things to take photos of.  I was thrilled when I spotted an eagle shortly after I got there.  It swooped down from the cliff up above the beach, picked up something for dinner (I suspect a crab) and landed on the beach to eat.  I hurried as fast as I could to get closer so I could get some pictures but it seemed so far away.  I managed to get a couple not so great photos but by the time I got even remotely close, it flew away.  I kept hoping it would come back but I didn't see it again.

It was fun looked at all the shells and flotsom on the beach and watching the gulls and the people walking on the beach and playing in the water way out further than I decided to go.  I came across a crab that I tried to save but I think it was on its last legs by the time I got to it anyway.  Barely moving.  I don't know why I bothered.  The gulls kept coming to it, flipping it over and snacking on it.

I patiently waited for the sun to go down so I could get some pictures like I saw on the internet.  I wasn't disappointed.  I got so many good ones that it was hard to decide which ones I wanted to scrapbook.

So hear are a few of the sights of Bellingham Bay from Locust Beach.  Enjoy!

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