Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wisconsin Part Dieux

This trip to Wisconsin involved a little more education time.  And was a little more frustrating.  More technical in nature with actual building involved in two different programs that had to be built just right to work.  Some days we finished early and one day in particular, we didn't have enough time to finish and was really frustrating.

Because I arrived around 2:30 on Monday and didn't have class until Tuesday afternoon, I invited Dad and Shirley to come down to Madison to see me.  They picked me up at the airport and stayed at the same hotel I was staying at.  We went out to dinner at the Great Dane in Fitchburg as I didn't want to try to figure out parking downtown Madison.  We enjoyed visiting at the hotel and drinking some wine afterward at the hotel.  In the morning, I took them out to the Epic campus so that they could see where I had been doing my training.  We had time to go through more of the buildings that I had gone through before.  The New York themed building was pretty cool but my favorites are still on The Farm.

I stayed in most of my nights there otherwise except for a shuttle trip to Walmart to pick up a few things.  I did go out for dinner with my work group on Friday night though.  We ate at a place called The Old Fashioned which was right across the street from the capitol building.  I love seeing the capitol building--especially at night when it is all lit up.  So I was thrilled that I got to see it on this trip.  I can't even remember how long it has been since I have been there but definitely more than 30 years.  Since we had a bit of a wait for a table--I went across the street to go inside to see the rotunda.  Just as beautiful as I remembered it.  These are the only pictures I took this week but I am happy I got to see it.

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