Saturday, November 9, 2013

Going Home

One of the nice things about going back to Wisconsin for work was that I was getting to go home.  The first night in Madison, we went to State Street Brats for dinner.  I have been trying to lose weight so I didn't get a brat but I did order fried cheese curds at the last minute since I hadn't had them in many years.  So go figure how I thought I was going to lose weight eating those--but they were oh so good.  And Bucky was on the wall of the bar so I had to get a picture of him. 

The other nice part of going back to Wisconsin was that I got to see my family.  I only had a few days so my only plan was to drive to Tomah after class on Thursday night and get back to the Madison airport Sunday afternoon to fly back home.  No specific plans.  Dane took Friday off so he could spend time with me which was nice.  We decided to go to his mother-in-law's farm to take a walk around the property.  I was hoping I would see a deer but no such luck.  Saw plenty of deer trails, tracks and places where deer had bedded down in the fields but no actual deer sightings.  And I like to drive out on the country roads around Tomah--see the farms, cows, fall foliage, etc.  Stopped at Oak Grove Cemetery to stop by my mom and grandparents' graves.  And the Greenfield and LaGrange cemeteries to visit a lot of family graves.  Came across my Civil War veteran relatives graves and thought I would include pictures of them here as part of my Veterans Day tribute. 

 Fredrick Heser was ill the whole two months that he was in the Army. 
Nathan Spooner and his three sons--Daniel, Charles and Edmond.  Charles and Edmond died in the war.

I wasn't expecting to see anyone except my dad and brothers on my trip home but my Wausau aunts decided to come to Tomah to stay with Uncle Ray and Aunty Karen and to come see me while I was home.  I was thrilled that I got to see them all.  We had a little mini-reunion visiting for several hours and going out to the County Line Restaurant for fish fry that evening.
While we were at the County Line waiting to be seated, we saw John Veldey.  He was my dad's boss for over 40 years at Veldey's Mobil.  Uncle Ray worked there for awhile as well and Dane worked there while he was in high school.  So had to get a picture of these guys together.

I was nice to get home for awhile.  I leave to go back to Madison on Monday.  Dad and Shirley will be coming down to spend some time with me until it is time to go to my class Tuesday afternoon.

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