Monday, February 25, 2013

Vancouver Goes Hollywood

We were invited to an Oscar party at the Kiggins Theater put on by the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  It was a fun idea making the event as much like the real Oscars as possible.  Bill and I had never been to the Kiggins Theater before.  It was was built in 1936 and was recently purchased and renovated by Dan Wyatt.  It was interesting to see all the art deco touches.

Bill and I elected not to go for the VIP treatment--arriving by limo and getting the swag bag of goodies, etc.  But we were still greeted with enthusiasm by the guys from "The Vancouver Side" announcing our arrival on the red carpet.  There was the atmosphere of several photographers taking our pictures and cameramen videotaping our interview with "The Fashion Police"--Alisa Tetreault--co-owner of Most Everything Vintage; Brett Allred of Beigeblood hair salon; and Seth Aaron Henderson--Fashion designer and Project Runway Season 7 winner.  They were interviewing everyone as they came in about their wardrobe, jewelry and their hopes for who would win the Oscars that evening.
We enjoyed our James Bond inspired cocktails and appetizers, checked out the upstairs bar and visited with friends while we waited for the show to start.  It was great seeing the Oscars on the big screen.  Very fun way to watch the Academy Awards and feel like you were almost there.

There was an article in the Columbian today about the event if you are interested in learning more about it.

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