Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ready for Takeoff

Tom's Combat Systems Officer class started out on the flight line this week.  They posted this fun class picture on Facebook this week with a theme of "Clear the Desks".  I assumed it was a play on words in relation to "clear the decks".  However, Tom set me straight to let me know that the photo was actually meant to be a gift for an instructor.  They were going to make it into a mouse pad for him.  And that "clear the desks" is what the instructor said when it was time to take their exams.  The pose was also with this instructor in mind.  He had his hands inside the collar of his flight suit with his thumbs up all the time as he was instructing.  So it was all meant to have fun with this instructor for his gift.  At any rate, they are done with the academic portion of the course and ready to fly T-6's.

He was so excited to start flying.  He was scheduled to have his dollar flight on Wednesday but it was canceled both Wednesday and today for bad weather.  So he is hoping to get that first flight tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed for him.  Such an exciting time in his life.

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