Monday, July 16, 2012

Mission 2012-Yakama Nation

I won't be able to get pictures of Christopher to scrapbook for at least a month but Christopher got home from a week in Yakima and Wapato, Washington on Saturday.  The Columbia Presbyterian Church youth group went to work on two homes in Wapato--37 youth members and around 10 adults.  One of the homes received a lot of work from the kids including tearing off and replacing the roof and painting the inside.  The project Christopher worked on was at the other home.  He helped dismantle and rebuild a wheelchair ramp. 

Unfortunately, they experienced 100 degree heat so it made it difficult for them to get the projects done comfortably.  For instance, the tar paper and roofing materials were too hot to handle in the afternoon--even with gloves on.  And they struggled with staying well hydrated.  But it was a successful trip and the work was accomplished.

Outside of working on the homes, they got to hear speakers from the Yakama Nation to learn about their culture and customs and go to one of their homes for a salmon and fry bread dinner along with some drumming and dancing.  They also went intertubing on the the Yakima River which I understand was very cold with the runoff from the mountain snow and glaciers.

Proud of Christopher and all the youth for the work that they did last week. 

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