Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ranger the Runaway Bunny-Part Two

These are pictures of Ranger from the night we picked him up almost five years ago.  When he was a baby--he almost ran away and it reminded me of the Runaway Bunny story.  I caught him by the hindleg just as he was trying to make his escape.  This is a layout I did a few years ago to remind me of that story.

Today, he really gave us a scare.  Somehow I didn't get his cage locked as it should have been.  I got home and noticed the cage was unlocked but I figured Chris had him out playing with him.  So I didn't even mention it until Chris came out for dinner and I asked him where Ranger was.  He was gone.  Chris was beside himself--as was I.  How could I have been so careless as to not make sure the cage was locked?  We looked all over our back and front yard but couldn't find him.  I even started walking around the neighborhood a little bit in the hope that I would find him but Chris was sure he was dead already.  He was inconsolable.  As I was trying to calm Chris down on our front porch, I just happened to look across the street and see him in our neighbor's yard with a cat stalking him.  I was so relieved and Chris ran across to try to catch him.  It took a bit of doing but I finally managed to grab him out of the bushes.

I am so thankful that we didn't go inside and that God revealed him to us in that way.  Ranger has had a really rough year already and I spent so much time and effort trying to nurse him back to health.  I think he has finally gotten better and then to lose him right now was just devastating.  I wonder what kind of adventures he had today and if it was worth it to him for giving us such a scare.  But so happy we have found him and that he is safe back in his own cage and back in our lives and hearts. 


  1. Sounds like Ranger was just living up to his name! So glad he's home safe & sound, and that that cat didn't catch him!

  2. I'm so glad he's back, safe and sound! I never knew a bunny could be so evasive!