Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Presidential Day Retreat

Bill, Chris and I flew up to Ellensburg yesterday to see Tom participate in his last Presidential Day Retreat and Award Ceremony.  Bill has been to all four; this was my third; and the first time that Chris was able to go to it.  Since he doesn't have classes on Fridays, he was able to attend as well.  I was so glad that he could go.  He has been working so hard on his homework and needed a break.  And there won't be much time for us to spend with Tom between now and when he leaves for Pensacola.  I think it was probably the first time he got to experience a military parade as well.

No awards this year but he was the acting Wing Commander for the event.  So he was the one issuing the orders to all the Air Force cadets participating.  He did a really good job.  The event was a little bit different this year.  Instead of having it next to the ROTC building, they held it at the football stadium.  It was actually a much better venue for it.  A lot less set up for them, cost less, and the cadets were actually able to sit during the award ceremony instead of stand for three hours in the hot sun.  They always have had so many have to fall out during the award ceremony and last year someone got hurt really badly when he fell straight backwards and hit his head on the blacktop.  It was a much better situation this year.  They also added a drill team presentation this year instead of singing the Army and Air Force songs. 

Only three weeks until graduation and less than two months until he has to leave for Pensacola.  So lots of discussions about plans for the next two months--what needs to be accomplished, etc.  It is going to go by so quickly.  Such an exciting time for him.  And so proud of him.

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