Saturday, November 5, 2011

Veterans Parade

One of the things that I love about Vancouver is how much they value the contributions of our veterans. We have had a big Veterans Parade here in Vancouver for the past 25 years. In years past, we have also had big hangar dances in the evening. That portion of the celebration has gone by the wayside in the past few years but the parade continues to be as big a deal as ever. Reenactment groups like the 1st Oregon Volunteer Infantry and the Buffalo soldiers, various veterans groups, car clubs, bands, and just about every Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop in the County participate.

Every year it is either rainy and/or cold but there are always more than 100 units in the parade with about 2500 people marching in it. It last about two hours. So it is a long time to stand in the cold and the rain. But the fact that so many people march in it and come to view the parade is such a tribute to this community and I am proud that it supports our soldiers and veterans in this way.

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