Sunday, February 6, 2011

Way to Go Pack!

It is times like this that I miss being in Wisconsin-when there is so much excitement about the Packers being in the Super Bowl. There are a lot of Packer fans in this area but it just isn't the same as being in the home state to feel the pride and excitement everyone has about the game there.

I went to a Super Bowl party with Jeff and Julie Oerding at the Canby Theater. There weren't that many people that went to it so it was pleasant sitting there and watching the game up on the big movie screen. I was feeling pretty confident that the Pack would win after the first half but they just couldn't seem to get anything going in the second half and let the Steelers catch up. Thank goodness the defense kept up their end of the game taking the ball away three times--all turning into scores. So the Lombardi Trophy is coming home again to Green Bay for the 4th time. Way to go Pack!

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