Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations

My request for a Valentine's date was to go to Cinetopia to see "The King's Speech". Cinetopia has been a theater near our home for about six years now but we have never gone there before. It is an upscale theater venue with a restaurant, wine bar and a few smaller "living room" theaters for 21 and older that have waiters take your orders for food and alcohol. It is a little more expensive than your regular theater but having better food and service made it a very pleasant experience. We'll probably do it again sometime. As luck would have it, "The King's Speech" was showing in one of the living rooms so we ordered some artichoke dip, wine and beer, put our feet up on the ottoman in front of us and enjoyed the movie. The movie was excellent. Should be interesting to see how many Oscars it will receive. It was a lovely presentation of the friendship that King George had with his speech therapist. Afterward, we picked up some Thai food to bring home and enjoy with Chris.

Sunday, Bill took me out for breakfast and then I cooked dinner at Beverly's to celebrate Valentine's weekend with her and Chris. Bill had checked out "The Rookie" from the library so we watched that after dinner at her house.

All in all, it was a lovely Valentine's weekend.

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  1. that sounds like fun! and that photo - WOW! can't stop looking at it!