Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sing 4th

One of my favorite events is the Sing 4th competition. Teenagers from high schools across the county compete for a place to sing at the 4th of July contest. There were nine performers this year and they were all fantastic.

Kyra Smith co-hosted the competition again this year--her sixth time. Since she is only 17 now and there wasn't a contest last year, she was about 10 the first time that she did it. She is such an accomplished vocalist. She has sung professionally as a lead singer for Disney Radio. She emcees events with such poise and ease. You would never guess she was a teenager just graduating from high school. Now that she is graduating, I wonder how many more of these events she will be doing here in Vancouver. I have so enjoyed seeing her perform the last several years. I see great things happening in her future. She is definitely a star in my eyes.

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