Sunday, June 10, 2018

Royal Wedding

I love watching royal weddings.  I have been watching them since Princess Anne got married in 1973.  Mom let us get up at at three in the morning to watch the television coverage.   I have gotten up early to watch every single one since then.  I love all the pageantry and traditions.  I had actually not intended to get up at two in the morning to watch the coverage.  Now that we have a DVR, I taped it and was going to watch it at a more civilized hour but I couldn't sleep so I got up to watch it live after all.  I wasn't disappointed.  It was beautiful.  It was a blend of African American culture with the traditional Anglican royal wedding.  In some ways, it was great even if it seemed a little out of place.  The homily definitely put me off.  While talking about love is great for a wedding, bringing the pastor's social agenda into the context of a royal wedding didn't seem appropriate.  It wasn't that I didn't think it was a good sermon.  Definitely wouldn't have been put off if I heard it in church on a Sunday.  Just seemed wrong for the wedding--any wedding.  Happy to have gotten my royal wedding fix.  Best wishes to Prince Harry and Meghan.

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