Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Memories

I started a new type of album this year.  Those in the digital scrapbooking world call them various things-Project Life is the most common term used for it.  I have never done one before.  I have never thought I could come up with enough ideas for photos and what to say about my everyday life that would be all that interesting to keep up a year long project.  I saw a fellow scrapbooker had started an album using journaling prompts for each day.  After I saw that, I got the itch to start my own album using the same idea.  I have a couple of different journal prompt lists to refer to if I don't know what I want to write about for a particular day and so far I am keeping up pretty well and looking forward to what I can create and write about next.  I don't share a lot of these pages as some of them are pretty personal.

The week before Easter, I decided I wanted to do a week about Holy Week.  I did some research and found out some things that I never knew before.  It was fun trying to incorporate my Holy Week findings in my album.

I also try to slip in an Art Journaling page each month.  I took this photo while I was visiting a mission in Fremont, California a few weeks ago and thought it would be the perfect art journaling photo for this month.

Christopher came home for Easter weekend.  We haven't seen him for two months so we were excited to have him home.  We went to sunrise service at Columbia Presbyterian.  While we sat there, I thought a lot about Beverly and how much she loved this congregation and insisted we go to the store and buy flowers to put on her grave before we went home.  I wanted the three of us to go together as a family to her grave.  Afterward, it was a beautiful day so we went to Salmon Creek Park to go for a walk.  I enjoyed seeing some herons and osprey as well as a lot of other birds.  Fun way to spend a few hours in nature.  We went off our diet for the night.  We had rack of lamb, roasted vegetables and a yogurt/fruit parfait so we weren't too far off program-just the meat.

Another sample of my journaling project.  Since there were some Easter memories in it, figured it would fit here for posting.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter as we did.

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