Sunday, December 6, 2015

Military Wedding Anniversary

Today marks twenty nine years since Bill and I had our military wedding.  Just one memory from that day to share through this photo.

During the saber arch, it is customary for a saber bearer to tap the bride on the backside as she passes.  In this case, Rob knew that I knew of the tradition and decided to surprise me by hitting me harder than with just a tap.  It actually hurt a little when he did it.  Even through all those petticoats I was wearing and I turned around to tell him so.

This is the reenactment so that the photographer could take a picture from behind.  I was cringing waiting for it to come again.  But he was gentler the second time around.

Photo taken from a holiday party that we were at a few days ago.  
Happy Anniversary Bill!  Love you lots!

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