Sunday, December 20, 2015

Army-Navy Weekend

Chuck wanted to come for a visit the weekend of the Army-Navy game and the CAA Christmas Party.  We didn't feel like going out to Beaverton to watch the game with the alumni societies and didn't feel like dragging him to a CAA Christmas Party so we decided to do our own this year.  We have enjoyed hosting Super Bowl parties at our house the last few years so why not host an Army-Navy game party with our friends.  Much more fun than going to Big Al's.
So we invited a few friends.  I was glad Cindy and Jonathan came as they have a West Point connection with Bill.  Jonathan was Bill's fencing team sponsor and Cindy was his teenage daughter who liked hanging out with the fencers and wanted them to teach her how to do it.  I got to pull out some of Bill's things to decorate a little bit.  And we had a great time watching the game.  It was really close but unfortunately Army lost for the 14th year in a row.  Maybe next year???  We always say it and keep hoping that it will happen eventually.

After the game, we took Jeff, Julie and Chuck to Tommy O's for our CAA Christmas alternative party and had a wonderful meal there as always.

Jim West heard about a 5K fun walk/run on Sunday and he wanted the Blues Brothers to make an appearance.  So Bill and Jim went in their costumes and Chuck and I went along to support the cause as well.

It was great having Chuck here as always.

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