Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Share Games for Give More 24! Campaign

Bill's friend, Kim Hash, now works for Share--an organization in Clark County that helps the homeless.  She was the one to talk him into being part of the Blues Brothers to raise money for the Children's Center when she worked for them.  The Community Foundation of Southwest Washington organized a one day fundraising campaign for about 90 non-profit groups in the area.  The goal was to raise $500,000 for these charities in a 24 hour period. 

Kim is so creative and I don't know if it was all her idea or the idea of a group but Share had a carnival type atmosphere in their building and parking lot all day long to help promote getting donations.  They had celebrity bowling, hopscotch, HORSE, etc.  Activities for kids.  A flashmob by the Groove Nation kids. 

In relation to Bill's nomination for the Community Builder Award for the Chamber of Commerce, Bill helped out Share with his time and talents for yet another non-profit fundraising event.  Bill and Jim were asked to reprise their Blues Brothers characters for a celebrity lip sync contest.  Instead of doing Blues Brothers music though--they did their lip sync to AC DC's "Back in Black".  Bill also volunteered to be in the dunk tank.  A friend purchased the right to be the first to dunk him by donating $500.  The funny part of the story is that this friend and Bill were in line together at Rotary and Bill commented to her "Can you believe somebody (actually a different word was used but I'm going to be politically correct) actually donated $500 to dunk me?"  She was dying inside thinking  "That's me he is talking about."  She also said that she bought it with the intention of letting me be the one to actually dunk him.  She was thinking every woman deserves the right to dunk her husband at least once during their marriage.  I didn't go when Bill was in the dunk tank so I missed out on it and she got to do it.  But I thought it was pretty funny that she wanted me to be able to do it and was willing to donate money for me to do it.

The half million dollar goal wasn't quite reached.  A little over $333,000 was raised amongst all the charities.  Share raised around $13,700.  So even though the original goal wasn't reached, Clark County showed its generosity once again through this fundraising effort.  Proud of Bill and his participation and proud of Clark County residents for being so generous. 

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