Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

I got to celebrate my birthday over several days and with style this year.  My friend, Denise, and I usually celebrate our birthdays together.  Her birthday is two days after mine.  And this year she had one of her milestone birthdays.  She turned 60.  So before we went to our AORN meeting, we had dinner together at The Quay. 

Bill took Chris back to Bellingham to move him into his house on my actual birthday.  So we celebrated as a family on the night before with Thai food and I made myself a yummy chocolate and peanut butter earthquake cake as a treat. 

My actual birthday was spent going to The Difference in Lake Oswego for a personal shopping appointment.  I got pampered by getting new skin care products and make up and bought quite a few articles of clothing.  One of the outfits I bought is in the picture above.  I haven't been there in awhile and felt the need for some help with updating my wardrobe.  And start the process of looking for a dress for Tom's wedding.  The consultant that I used to work with no longer is there so I had a new gal help me out.  It was a fun couple of hours trying on new clothes.  She did ask me if I needed a fainting couch when it came time to check out.  I spent quite a bit of money but hey--it was my birthday.  I deserved it.

I was really hoping that I could take my friend, Colleen, with me to The Difference.  She is the one that introduced me to it.  And it has been several months since her family had taken her there.  But she and her husband were camping and didn't get back until later in the afternoon.  So we went out for lunch at Red Robin the next day which was fun.

All in all I had a great birthday!

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