Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park: A Tale of Cymbeline

Bill loves Shakespeare and discovered free Shakespearean theater in the parks here in Portland a few years ago.  We try to go to at least one every summer.  This year it was "A Tale of Cymbeline" at Reed College.  It was a fun afternoon getting a little culture.  Here are a few images from our Saturday afternoon.
 Introducing the play
 Princess Imogen was very Disney like.
 Imogen and Posthumus saying good bye.  Imogen's father banished him.
 Imogen misses Posthumus.
 King Cymbeline and his wicked wife.
 Cymbeline greeting the Roman ambassador.
 Roman soldiers looking on.
 Imogen and Posthumus reunited after they each though the other dead.
 Imogen reunited with her long lost brothers who were kidnapped as infants.
A happy ending.  Battle with the Romans won.  Family reunited.  Wicked Queen and her son dead.

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